#8 – Horizontal vs Vertical Development

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VERTICAL DEVELOPMENT means you build the product addressing one customer need at a time. You don’t try to get it right the first time. You build, learn and adapt; maximizing value and minimizing risk.

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One thought on “#8 – Horizontal vs Vertical Development

  1. Hi,
    your recommendation “You don’t try to get it right the first time.” sounds as something opposite to lean approach. Value is viewed from Customer’s perspective. As a consequence, also waste is viewed from Customer’s perspective. The value for Customer is not affected, so it’s not higher, if we get there in more rounds. Actually, all that rounds before the “right” delivery are wastes for Customer, only imcrease the cost – even when we learn from those, even when Customer learns something meaningful from that (that’s not meaningful when Customer learns that we are in-capable to deliver the right thing the first time 😉 ).
    If Customer’s idea about the requested deliverable is not clarified, or circumstances change fast, it might be that lessons learnt are the deliverables, or they are significant part of the deliverables. However, we should be able to differentiate these scenarios and introduce the respective collaboration framework, incorporating also metrics about learrning, so that they are first class. deliverables beside functionality as it is the suggestion in the lean startup approach.
    Otherwise, in lean approach “Right the first time.” is a principle to get rid of a big chunk of waste, namely quality assurance, rework and scrap.
    Let’s step back and look at the wider picture : agility as a mindset and lean as a mindset are for different scenarios – as Simon Wardly illustrates that. Mixing them without keeping that in mind might lead to peculiar sentences.


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